Monday, August 20, 2012

Maybe a Blog Hiatus?

Hi my lovely viewers and followers (: I'm here to talk about something I never ever wanted to talk about; hiatus on here.  I just started high school today(yeah, yeah I'm a freshy) and I have realized how busy I am going to be between my 7 classes, down time, softball and blogging! I am taking some pretty tough classes this year, including two Advanced Placement classes, Environmental Science and Human Geography. That being said, those are going to be my hardest classes this year. I don't want to leave you guys permanently, but I say maybe 2 weeks tops I will be gone?.. I'm just going to have to see how things go. I will be posting probably some reviews and maybe some meme's, but I wont be back up to speed until a few weeks, or until I get in the groove. I am really sorry guys, and I'm going to miss you guys a whole lot! But don't forget me! I appreciate each and every one of you, for all the help you have given me (:

Bye, for now ); Mwah


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