Monday, March 4, 2013

Showcase Sunday, #3: The Anne Eliot Edition!

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So, last weekend or so, I received a ginormous package full of goodies from one of my best-author friends, Anne Eliot, author of Unmaking Hunter Kennedy and Almost. Over the past couple months, we have become really close after I reviewed Unmaking Hunter Kennedy. Click the name to see the review,if you wish(: She was so generous and kind enough to send me her two books, a coffee mug, and plenty of other book-related swag + Rio 2016 Olympics swag! 

~Unmaking Hunter Kennedy~

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy was the first book I have read and reviewed of Anne Eliot's. I was super excited when she asked me, and I was not disappointed! So happy to have this baby with me now(:


Getting Almost in the mail was suprising. I mean, I knew I was getting it, but it was sort of a freebie when Anne offered it! I'm super stoked to read this book, it sounds so interesting! Plus, both of these books are heavy, which is a good thing! I really like it that way(:

This was such a cool post card! As to her writing, these are ancient sand dunes turned on their side. This is all in her backyard in Colorado! Neat!

This is too cute! I mean, it sums up my life in one sentence. This may end up as my bumper sticker one day, you never know! ;)

Agh! A coffee mug! YAY! :D Even though I don't drink coffee, I can use this for lots of drinks! Plus, this is the first of it's kind, so it's awesome-er(is that even a word? lol)

I know this is hard to see, but it says Rio 2016. And some stuff on the front I don't understand, but anywhoo, this is cooool! I mean, who else has Olympics just released swag besides me and Anne?? It's pretty spanking awesome.

So that was a long a drawn out Showcase Sunday! But, I really wanted to get it out there for all you guys, and wanted to appreciate Anne for all she sent me! Thanks bunches Anne! Yes, I know this is a day late.. yada yada.. I'm busy, people! Haha just kidding(: What did you get for your Showcase Sunday? Feel free to elaborate in the comments.


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  1. Wow! It looks like you got some amazing stuff! I'm super jealous of your Rio 2016 journal :) Enjoy it all!!!


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